Capture and control of a wide range of flying insects    - Crawling pests of food and non environments.

BIXAN GEL Bait insecticide agains ants based Bifentrina, for domestic use        and civil indoor    
COPYRTRAP TOPI RATTO Trap glues ready to use for the control of mice and          rats. The package contains 2 pieces for indoor
Mechanics trap for mice
MULTIPLE TRAP CATTUTA for crawling and mice INDOOR
DOME TRAP Trap more effective against the beetles commodity for indoor           
EUROKILL Lampada insect traps to UV light with a very good quality        INDOOR price
FLYPOD Lamp base adhesive insect traps cona UV stable for a capture and greater durability
FLYTRAP COMMERCIAL Neon lamp with UV plate glue, insect traps available in 16, 30, 40 and 80 watts, provides the solution of any need
HALO' Ultra efficient lamp attracts insects to UV light and glueboard. Can be installed on wall, ceiling          or leaning INDOOR
    SICURBOX Dispensers Safety bait topicide OUTDOOR
TRAPPIT BLATTE Cockroach glue trap and pheromone INDOOR
TRAPPOLA BLACK STRIPE Capture of moths flour and semolina industries INDOOR
VICTOR FLY BAG TRAP Ecological traps disposable for flies OUTDOOR  
KENYATOX: Food Industry - biological insecticide use conf. Lt. 1 . 5
  NEBUROTOR gira 360°